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"Oh, man! Can you believe it? It was right there! Can I do it one more time?" "Forgive me, but if we don't hurry, we might miss the plane." "Of course. How selfish of me. Let's do all the things that you want to do."

This bell was once used by monks to summon the dragon Hutong, a beast whose breath is like a monsoon, to defend against an invading army. Dragons are not so easily tamed, however, and Hutong ended up destroying the monastery as well.

Claimed to be part of the historic discovery of King Tut's Tomb in 1923, anyone whom touches this statue has been confirmed to have perished from The Curse of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Visit DISCOVERING KING TUT'S TOMB - THE EXPERIENCE at Luxor to break the curse!

It lifted Evelyn Cronnister’s heart to watch an octopus soar gracefully through the air. She was the fifth generation of the Boreal Bay Cronnisters, competitive show jumping octopus breeders who had been breeding so long that the mild neurotoxins absorbed through the skin when handling octopi had addled her brain into believing competitive octopus show jumping was an actual thing.