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Baby Crocodile/Liquid Head Bones
ichthyosaur skull, preserved; glass jar
Few people knew about the small but thriving pod of ichthyosaurs living at the bottom of Pyramid Lake outside of Fernley, Nevada. Fewer still knew about the black ops government program to train the extremely intelligent Paleolithic fish to infiltrate and sabotage foreign black ops dolphin-training programs. Chester, the greatest black ops ichthyosaur agent of them all, single-finnedly averted nuclear catastrophe in 1986 when he intercepted a rogue Russian black ops dolphin agent, Mishka, that had been mindwiped and programmed as a sleeper agent by a terrorist cell of octopi inexplicably operating out of landlocked Kazakhstan. Chester sacrificed himself to detonate the bomb that had been meant for the United Dolphin Nations meeting in New York Harbor. The tale of his heroic deeds, secret to all but a few, will not be forgotten by those few, but will most likely be greeted by skepticism or outright mockery by everyone else, so probably keep this one under your hat.