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Wood Club with Feather and Horse Hair
binwhipple hamchamp; oak, deerskin, turkey feather, horsehair
Who can forget the final game of the 1928 Binwhipple Championship? The classic match might have seen the Harrisburg Grumwhellers claim victory against the Akron Tomtomhoops until legendary filsner Tommy Buntz stepped up to the wickowak, steeled his gaze at his longtime nemesis, Harrisburg fontzer Obie Doobmeyer, and let fly the most magnificent hamchamptanger, knocking the fontz straight through the lipzper and out into far left gronk. The fontz being impossibly high to block and too far out of reach for any of the Harrisburg chamblers to recover in time, Buntz was able to homb the jufors six times, winning the game and the title for Akron. His hamchamp sits in the Binwhipple Hall of Fame to this day, inspiring young boys and girls to take up the still-popular sport.