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Chinese Mandarin Orange Gemstone Tree
decorative sculpted tree; lacquered rosewood, jade The lucky mandarin tree had been in the family for seven generations, each orange thought to contain the spirits of their ancestors. It would grant a boon at a time of need when an orange was plucked from it and broken open; a great grandmother had been spared the ravages of a deadly flu, an uncle’s house was saved from a wildfire, twins who had fallen down a well were rescued. Mei Ling as concerned, though, that her son’s irresponsible use of the tree—a tank of gas when he was late for karaoke, a rare set of armor on his online role playing game, a fresh box of his favorite strawberry toaster pastries when he discovered there were only blueberry, cinnamon, and cherry left in the pantry—may not have been what the ancestors had in mind.