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Bones and Seeds in the bottle
collection of bones and polished stones; glass, tin
When Ole Mister Crooks came round the yard singin’ Stones an’ Bones, the good kids knew to run on home. Me and Shauney and Peck weren’t the good kids. Stones an' Bones was easy: you threw your stone into a round hoop on the ground, an’ if you got closest to the marker Mister Crooks laid down, he would reach inside his jacket and pull out a shiny white bone for you, said you could keep it and call on him if you ever needed something. Lotta times, though, Mister Crooks ended up closest to the mark, an’ he wanted something for it. Peck had to give him his pinky finger and promise when Mister Crooks called, Peck would do what he asked. Silly stuff, like poisoning the flowers in the church yard, or maybe pouring some pitch on the cross on the altar. After I lost two fingers and Shauney lost three, we stopped playin’ when Mister Crooks came round. But we still see Peck in the yard waitin’ sometimes, with hollow eyes and whistlin’ Stones an’ Bones, Stones an’ Bones.